Having designed 2 of Chicago Magazines top 10 best new restaurants of 2005 and the number 1 and 2 venues of Chicago Magazines best bar makeovers of 2007 has only encouraged us here at Indica22 to push forward with each project in an effort to provide the best service for each clients individual needs. The following pages contain just a few of our recent projects, the most recent being the redesign of the ‘Park Grill’ in Chicago’s Millenium Park.



We create from flow and function first. Understanding the needs of your staff in order to allow a seamless  transition from back of the house to the customer is a priority of our design philosophy. We have spent years studying with some of the best restaurant management teams in the world to create a system that when applied to each unique space properly will produce optimum working conditions in the best layout possible which will translate into higher sales and a better dinning experience for the customer.


With 20 years of experience we approach each design project with a passion to create a new exciting environment that the customer will love. We do more than make a pretty room...we view each project as a unique opportunity to evoke an emotional response in the customer weather it’s subtle easygoing comfort or powerful enticing elegance, we put full effort into to every detail  in order to create exactly what our client intended.

Contact info: Todd Showalter

Phone - 773-946-0203

email - indicadsg@hotmail.com

Indica 22 Design Consultants will handle all aspects of your project from guiding the architect to managing the build out and creating custom finishes. This allows you and your team to focus on the other aspects of opening your venue. Over the years we have built relationships with some of the most efficient construction crews and detailers specializing in restaurants, bars , nightclubs and hotels all at the top of their craft. Weather it’s custom furniture or a custom bar we’ve already done it numerous times in a variety of styles with top precision in timely fashion.  We look forward to the opportunity to create your dream.